Union Worx IBEW Local 553

Please read the following information about our referral procedures carefully.

Getting Started

  • This is not a call-in bid system! No phone bids will be taken or applied.
  • There is an email feature to recover your password 24 hours a day. We can also assist you with your login information during office hours.

Signing The Book

  • The original sign must be done through the IBEW 553 Union Worx App, fax, email, or in person at the IBEW 553 Union Hall at 3300 New Raleigh Hwy, Durham, NC 27703.
  • Registrants will be placed in the highest group/book for which they qualify.
  • All registrants must log in to use the online bidding system. If you need assistance logging in, the office staff can help you.
  • Please remember to securely manage your login information.
  • Note that only ONE (1) username/password per person is allowed. If you experience any issues logging in, DO NOT create another account. Instead, contact the Hall for assistance.

Bidding & Taking Jobs

  • Job calls for the next business day are posted at 04:30 pm on the LU 553 Union Worx Mobile App.
  • Registrants on the out-of-work list can log in and bid on jobs they qualify for. If bidding on multiple jobs, registrants must select a priority order. Please remember to CONFIRM each bid.
  • Registrants can view and amend their bids until the 08:30 am job call cutoff.
  • All registrants who have placed a bid can receive notifications about their job call status via email, text message, and/or push notifications. Remember, the OFFICIAL notification of your job call status is found in the Account section of the app.
  • Placing a bid constitutes a binding commitment to take the call. Do not bid on a job if you cannot take the call.
  • On the day of employment selection, registrants must visit the Hall to pick up their referral before 4:00 pm and ensure they have ALL REQUIRED CREDENTIALS IN HAND. LU 553 does not retain credentials on file.
  • Any registrant who voluntarily quits will be ineligible for a Foreman call by name for 30 days.

Re-sign Procedures

  • Each registrant on the out-of-work list for any group/book must resign monthly to maintain their position. Regardless of your original sign-in date, resigns must be received in the Local Union office between the 10th and 16th of each month (midnight to midnight).
  • Resigns may be done in person at the Hall, submitted by fax, email, or through the IBEW 553 Union Worx Mobile App.
  • Two (2) discharges within twelve (12) months for cause will require an appearance before the Appeals Committee.


Dings / Turn Downs

  • If a call is filled within the Book, the preceding registrants of that Book who failed to submit a bid for work will receive a mark, referred to as a 'ding.' (Example: There is a call for 4 Journeymen, and there are 100 registrants on the Book. The 35th registrant is the last to bid and accept a referral, then the registrants above #35 on the Book that did not place a bid will receive a ding.)
  • After the third ding, the registrant will be rolled off the Book.
  • Once the bidding process ends, the contractor will receive a list of the successful bidders. In cases where an employer rejects a registrant, it won't lead to a 'ding.' Rejected registrants are notified and maintain their standing on the Book.
  • Choosing not to accept a specialty call (service truck, cable splicers, welders, etc.) or a short call will not result in a ding.
  • However, failure to report for referral by selected registrants will result in a ding.
  • Failure to report to the job site after receiving a referral will result in being rolled off the Book; you will then be required to do your next signing in person.


  • A registrant may request an exemption if they become ill, lack a special skills requirement, have verified military duty, have a court summons, scheduled industry training, official union business, are injured, or are on Family Medical Leave that a physician or government official can document. An exemption will automatically be granted if you are currently working on a short call. The registrant requesting leave must be registered on the out-of-work list and must notify the Business Manager or dispatcher via email at raxford@ibew553.org or bwells@ibew553.org.
  • The registrant on leave will retain their position as long as they provide documentation verifying their inability to be employed. While on leave, the registrant must continue to resign monthly.